SAIDO Learning Memory Support – Frequently Asked Questions

What is SAIDO Learning?

SAIDO Learning is a scientifically developed non-pharmacological program shown to improve the symptoms of dementia. It is based on the practice of engaging in simple yet specific cognitive exercises that stimulate the prefrontal cortex of the brain. SAIDO Learning’s ultimate aim is to improve quality of life for participants, families and care givers.

Who can benefit from SAIDO Learning?

SAIDO Learning has been shown to have an impact on individuals with varying stages of cognitive impairment.

Are there eligibility requirements to participate?

Any individual interested in improving symptoms of cognitive impairment is suitable for SAIDO Learning. SAIDO Learning assessments place each individual at their “just-right-level” to allow for the greatest outcomes.

How often should a person receive SAIDO Learning? Is it available in the home?

SAIDO Learning has shown to be most effective when conducted 5 days per week. SAIDO Learning is not currently available in the home.

How long will it take to see results?

All positive changes are individual in nature, but have been seen within the first month of SAIDO Learning.

Are the changes permanent?

As long as a participant receives regular, consistent SAIDO Learning sessions, positive results can be anticipated.

Is SAIDO available on a short-term basis?

For optimum results and continued improvement, SAIDO Learning has been demonstrated to work best on a long-term basis.

Who conducts SAIDO Learning and what kind of training do they receive?

All staff conducting SAIDO Learning sessions are trained in the program. They receive training on all aspects of SAIDO Learning: the founding principles, education on the pre-frontal cortex of the brain and how it relates to the SAIDO program, determining an individual’s “just-right-level”, positive reinforcement, and the supportive role of others.

Are there volunteer opportunities?

Yes. SAIDO Learning communities welcome volunteers to assist in supporting the SAIDO program.

Who can I contact to find out more?

To find out more about SAIDO Learning, please call the SAIDO Learning Institute, 216-325-1266 or visit



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