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Grant to Support Pilot Launch of Trauma-Informed Care Programming in Service to Older Adults

(Cleveland, Ohio) – Eliza Jennings, a nationally recognized expert in aging services, today announced that it has been awarded a $150,000 grant from Three Arches Foundation. The grant will provide funding over the next two years to support the pilot launch of trauma-informed care programming in service to older adults at Eliza Jennings Home. With a shared interest in brain health and cognitive function in older adults, this grant is underwritten through the generosity of Three Arches Foundation’s Harold C. Schott Foundation Endowment Fund.

“We are extremely grateful to Three Arches Foundation for supporting our ongoing efforts to provide the highest quality care for older adults on Cleveland’s West Side,” said Richard M. Boyson Jr., Eliza Jennings’ president and chief executive officer. “This grant will enable Eliza Jennings Home to offer trauma-informed care programming and coordinated staff training to improve health outcomes for our residents.”

“Through conversations with Eliza Jennings we learned about the far-reaching impact of trauma and how it affects so many aspects of a person’s health – no matter what age,” shared Kristin Broadbent, president and CEO, Three Arches Foundation. “We are proud to fund this interdisciplinary initiative that is designed to foster a culture of trauma informed care and shared understanding, as well as provide comprehensive training and support for all staff.”

The Eliza Jennings grant is part of $2 million awarded this year to benefit twenty not-for-profit partners working to transform people’s health and make it easier for individuals to navigate, understand, and use information and services to take care of their behavioral and physical health.

About Three Arches Foundation (TAF) – Three Arches Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity that invests in advancing the health and well being of the people of Lakewood and surrounding communities through grant making. By connecting people, ideas and resources, the three Arches Foundation fosters a collaborative approach towards investing in organizations whose work directly addresses the continuum of physical and behavioral health issues.

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Eliza Jennings, a not-for-profit organization providing excellent care and services to older adults on Cleveland’s West Side for more than 129 years, is a nationally recognized expert committed to helping older adults make the most of the aging experience. We offer a full spectrum of choices designed to meet the needs and preferences of older adults as they age, including independent and assisted living, skilled nursing and rehabilitation services, respite care, hospice services, and adult day programs, including the SAIDO Learning Center.

Eliza Jennings home and community-based services provide skilled home health care and therapy, a nurse practitioner house call program, and onsite wellness clinics help serve older adults living in affordable housing. Our network of communities includes: Eliza Jennings Health Campus in Cleveland; the Renaissance Retirement Campus in Olmsted Township; and Devon Oaks Assisted Living in Westlake.

“Simon McDermott put the disc in the machine, sat his father down to listen to it and watched the old man’s face as the familiar rendition of You Make Me Feel So Young swept them both away.”

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