What’s My Best Option

Independent Living

Independent Living is an ideal choice for older adults wishing to enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle without the day-to-day worries of managing a typical home. Everything we do is guided by one’s preferences and choices, and we are dedicated to promoting health and well-being in every aspect of an older adult’s life; whether the need be social, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, or physical.
Eliza Jennings offers Independent Living at the Renaissance Retirement Campus.

Assisted Living

Assisted Living communities can be the perfect solution for older adults who are not able to manage living on their own, but do not yet require extensive medical care provided through skilled nursing. Our staff can provide 24-hour assistance with activities of daily living such as dressing, grooming, eating, mobility, and hygiene, offering a middle ground between independent living and skilled nursing care.

Eliza Jennings offers Assisted Living at Devon Oaks in Westlake and Carol B. Hall located at the Renaissance Retirement Campus.

Skilled Nursing

Skilled nursing is an ideal choice for individuals who require ongoing 24/7 medical care with physician oversight, yet do not require hospitalization.
We offer Skilled Nursing at the Eliza Jennings Health Campus and The Health Center located at the Renaissance Retirement Campus.