Working in a Little Extra Exercise

It’s an easy habit to label one’s regular chores as exercise for the day, but the fact of the matter is that we should be continually improving and expanding upon our exercise routines to increase circulation, cardiovascular fitness, and general wellbeing.

The case is no different for aging adults, but the potential for modifying daily schedules in seniors well-adjusted to independent community living can be extremely advantageous.

Try experimenting with the following routine modifications to add a little extra exercise to your day:

  1. Establish firm short-term goals, and reward yourself for achieving them. This may be as simple as taking an extra walk through the garden or around the pond in exchange for a favorite fruit of healthy snack afterward.
  2. Incorporate social elements into your exercise. It’s much easier to extend a daily stroll when discussing a good book with a walking buddy.
  3. Trade television time for time at the fitness center. Sure, it’s relaxing to unwind during the nightly news, but spending some time at the community fitness center in the evening will yield much more restful sleep.
  4. Purchase a pedometer, and keep track of your activity. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the ambiguity of exercise. Seeing real numbers helps justify the activity.
  5. Don’t skip daily meals. Exercise can be hard enough at times. By incorporating all of your meals into your day, especially breakfast, one can be sure that the body’s required energy for exercise is ready when the activity comes.

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